Developer Talks: Clone Drone In The Danger Zone's Erik Rydeman

We interview indie developer Erik Rydeman about his upcoming game Clone Drone in the Danger Zone.

During our time at PAX West, we got to interview a number of different indie developers and discuss their upcoming games. One such developer was Erik Rydeman, developer of the quirky new game Clone Drone in the Danger Zone.

According to Rydeman, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is an arena sword fighting game featuring robots. The combat in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is fast and fierce, and it can also be over in an instant as scoring one clean hit on your opponent is often enough to eliminate them. Because of this, Rydeman says that players should expect to die a lot.

However, in death there is also a chance for redemption with players given the chance to purchase and equip various robot upgrades for every round they survive. As you can see in the above video, these upgrades include new weapons like a bow and arrow that can pick off distant robot foes from afar or an extra life which grants players one additional shot at completing a specific round.

In the interview, Rydeman discusses both the process he went through to make Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, and how anyone hoping to enter the realm of indie development should make sure to play to their artistic strengths. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is set to release on PC, Mac, and possibly Linux (Rydeman says he’ll only do a Linux version if fan demand is high enough) sometime in the near future.

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