Try 7 Awesome Free Indie Games From EGX 2016

These 7 awesome indie games from EGX 2016 are completely free to try!

In celebration of EGX 2016, Amazon and GameSessions have come together to bring gamers 7 awesome and free upcoming indie games to try out. The indie titles included in this deal are Shu, HoPiKo, Hue, The Bunker, Mainlining, Earth’s Dawn, and Conga Master. You can try out all 7 of these free and awesome indies on Amazon or take a quick look at our short game summaries below and try out the titles that sound like they are of interest you.

Shu - A visually stunning 2D platformer that features hand drawn characters traveling up a mountain as they escape from a huge storm.

HoPiKo - A twitch-based speed running platform game where you’ll be tasked with saving gaming featuring an chiptune soundtrack written and composed on GameBoy.

Hue - A vibrant and touching color matching adventure game suited with bright personality driven characters.

The Bunker - A completely live action game where you’ll play the role of the last survivor in a nuclear bunker.

Earth’s Dawn - A fast paced action game where you’ll engage in battles to save humanity from aliens.

Conga Master - A rhythm game where you’ll convince dancers to join your conga line. The longer the line, the better!

Mainlining - A dark and thrilling point and click game where you’ll investigate criminals and ask the question if there is such as thing as ethical hacking.

If you try out any of these games, let us know what you think of them in the comments below. We'll be on the look out for more breaking news concerning indie games coming from EGX 2016 this week, so be sure to bookmark our site to stay in-the-know.

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