Rocket League 101: Tips And tricks for beginners

Tips and tricks that will de-mystify Rocket League for beginners.

When taking up a game that is competitive in nature, it’s a good idea for beginners to look up some tips and tricks that will give them a better handle on some of the basic concepts. The idea behind Rocket League is quite simple — it’s a game of soccer (or football if you’re on the other side of the pond) with rocket powered vehicles. In Rocket League, you’ll quickly learn that the opponents you face are pretty unforgiving. Here are some tips and tricks that will de-mystify Rocket League for beginners, or serve as a reminder for players returning to the driving seat after a long hiatus.

Rocket League tips and tricks for beginners

We can't guarantee that the tips below will tranform you into a Rocket League pro, but they'll definitely start your engines and get your into position to score some aerial goals. Just be prepared to practice a bit while you're at it.

Do the tutorial

Rocket League beginners tips and tricks
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In this day and age, game tutorials can be a lot more trouble than they’re worth. Skipping through the basics may sound really appealing, but it pays to give the training tutorial for Rocket League a serious go so that you can learn the core mechanics. Follow this up with goalie, striker, and aerial training. so you can get used to how the car moves in the air, and under rocket thrust.

Learn the controls

Rocket league tips and tricks
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Mind the phrasing. Veterans of Rocket League have often lamented on becoming too comfortable with the game’s default controls. If you want to really “git gud” at Rocket League, I would suggest doing some research on how to remap your controller for best results. The earlier you do this, the fewer problems you’ll have when it comes to learning how to do a barrel roll and boost your car at the same time. Plus, this will give you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with each action, so you can react in a split second to make those much-needed saves.

Work those camera angles

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While playing Rocket League, try toggling the camera angles to see what feels best for you. While beginners typically find the ball camera to be most comfortable, once you up the ante in Rocket League and start pitting yourself against more serious players, you'll be swapping between the two on the fly. Adjusting your camera settings will definitely give you an upper hand in keeping all the needed information on screen at once as you track the ball, your opponents, and your allies.

Don't be a ball hog

rocket league beginners guide
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While chasing the ball seems like the obvious approach, you’ll be a much better asset to a team if you learn to pass the ball, set up the ball, defend, and attack. Don’t be that person who desperately wants to drive the ball into the goal yet fails every time. Great Rocket League players understand the importance of teamwork. Keep your distance when your teammate runs in, then push for the ball when an opening appears. If you need to hang back and play goalie, you'll be a great asset to your team with a bit of patience.

Keep your boost up

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You’ll notice that the floor of Rocket League arenas are decorated with glowing orange circles. Make sure to run over these suckers as you blast on by to keep your vehicle boosted or you’ll find yourself straggling like a baby calf behind the rocket car herd. Your goal in Rocket League should be to never run out a fuel, whether you're attacking or defending. That methodology will also help you cut down your oponents' potential fuel supplies.

Know your role

tips and tricks for rocket league
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As The Rock would say, know your role. If your starting position is all the way in the back, don’t rush for the ball. Instead, take on the role of defense and help guard the goal. If your starting position is closer to the ball, try to initiate the kick-off and help drive that baby home. Typically, only diagonal positions will compete for the kickoff in team games. Everyone else needs to set up for a rebound or protect the goal.

Oh, and make sure you know which goal is yours because you can absolutely make scores against your own team.

Play against bots (or your friends)

how to improve at Rocket League
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Rocket League physics aren't always what we'd consider realistic, so before you throw yourself to the wolves of online multiplayer, take the chance to get a solid handle on gameplay by practicing offline or in private games with your friends. Practice your kick-offs, implement the tips and tricks written here into your play style, and don't be afraid to go for wild, aerial shots while you're learning offline. Playing against bots gives you the chance to figure out an approach to shots and blocks that works for you. Once you’re comfortable going 3v3 with some bots, test your newfound skills online.

Enjoy yourself

Rocket League tips and tricks for beginners
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Rocket League is one of the top played and bestselling indie games out right now and it’s for a good reason. It’s tons of fun to play both casually and competitively. Sure, you can get invested and try to win every game, but don't forget to have a laugh while you're at it. Hopefully these tips and tricks will give you the foundation you need to be the best Rocket League player you can be.

For more Rocket League tips and tricks (not just for beginners), as well as news and features, be sure to park yourself over on our hub page for the game.


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