Co-op Space Exploration Game Astroneer Coming To Xbox One

Arriving on both the Xbox One and PC, Astroneer is the space exploration game we’ve all been waiting for.

Astroneer, a game recently announced to be coming to Xbox One, is a co-op exploration game by System Era that places you within the expansive and isolated atmosphere of outer space. Thanks to an organization by the name of Exo Dynamics and the rapid advancement of technology, you can now conduct interplanetary exploration with ease, allowing you to become an enterprising pioneer of space.

Explore and Gather Resources

In Astroneer, it’s up to you to make a habitable place out of one of the many planets you’ll find within its far-reaching universe. Explore the varied surfaces and atmospheres of planets. Scavenge for resources, unearth artifacts, and uncover many of the strange and infinitely interesting items hidden within the folds of planetary debris.

Cooperative Base Building and Industrialization

With up to four astroneers to a squadron, you and your friends can work together to form a base and begin a settlement. Be the first to traverse across the beautiful galactic horizons in rovers and jetpacks. Band together and reap the monetary benefits of early aerospace industrialization.

Procedurally Generated and Non-Linear Gameplay

The Astroneer universe is procedurally generated ensuring every planet, every adventure, and every player experience is unique. Combine this with non-linear gameplay to get a dynamic and smart experience every time you play.

Relaxing Ambient Music and Vibrant Pastel Landscapes

Enjoy the pastel colored landscapes in Astroneer to a trickling and interactive ambient soundtrack composed by Rutger Zuydervelt. The developers expressed that they wanted music that would match the game’s artistic aesthetic, opting for a minimalistic yet striking soundtrack that creates the perfect atmosphere.

Right now, Astroneer is on Steam in Early Access with a release date scheduled for some time in December for Xbox One and PC. Be sure to visit the Astroneer official website and add us to your RSS feed for more on this upcoming space exploration indie game.

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