A Guide To Playing Clustertruck Like A Pro

Following this simple guide will turn you into a Clustertruck champ.

With the release of LandFall Games' Clustertruck, we could think of no better way to begin our chaotic truckformer ventures than to transform ourselves into the ultimate Clustertruck pros. After months of intense training, studying and analyzing of Clustertruck's difficult game physics, we were able to put together this helpful guide to mastering its exceptionally volatile nature.

Turn Up The Music

Clustertruck features an awesome soundtrack (which is now available seperately on Steam) so it’s only right that you play the game with your volume cranked up as high as it can possibly go. This will give you the confidence and the superhuman reflexes you’ll need to become a Clustertruck master. Or at the very least, make you feel really good.

Spam The Jump Button

Simultaneously holding shift and the spacebar will send you hurtling like a missile through the game. One can only hope that the destination is on the top of one of the maniacal trucks and is not a catapult to your sudden death. If you master this technique, you’ll find a nice spot in the leaderboards for finishing the levels in record breaking time.

Don’t Stop Moving

Moving is the key to success in Clustertruck. If you stay in one spot for too long, chances are you’ll end up in a fiery truck pile up or as a casualty to one of the level's perilous obstacles. The best approach is to take a few seconds to figure out where you’re headed and make your move. Playing it safe doesn’t pay off in this game, especially in the more difficult levels.

Refuse To Accept Failure

There’s one fact that you’ll learn fairly quickly in this game and that’s failure is inevitable. The best way to counter it is to obsessively keeping trying. If you refuse to accept failure, then chances are that you'll eventually succeed. It's perfect logic.

Make And Beat Your Own Level

Clustertruck features a level editor where you can try your hand at creating catastrophic truckformer chaos. We dare you to make the most difficult level you can think of and try your hand at beating it. Better yet, challenge your friends!

Following this simple Clustertruck guide will turn you into a truck hopping champ in no time. Frankly, there's no real method to mastering Clustertruck, but it's loads of fun with high replayability. Clustertruck is available starting today on Steam. The folks at tinyBuild will be attending Twitchcon with their own truck so make sure to follow tinyBuild on Facebook as they’ll be going live as they drive around San Diego and check out some of the sites before the convention!

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