Hello Neighbor Has You Invading The Home Of A Terrifyingly Clever AI

In Hello Neighbor, your suspicious neighbor will gladly punish you for trying to outsmart him.

Dynamic Pixels and indie publisher tinyBuild have teamed up to bring you a horror stealth game called Hello Neighbor. You may recognize tinyBuild from games such as Punch Club and Clustertruck, and their latest project looks like it will be just as quirky and tons of fun. If you’ve ever seen the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window, then the plot behind Hello Neighbor will sound very familiar to you.

You'll play as a concerned citizen who happens to notice some odd behavior coming from your next door neighbor, and so you decide to investigate. However, since your neighbor doesn’t really like to leave his house, you have to figure out a way to get inside and find out what he’s up to without being discovered.

If you are discovered, your neighbor will hunt you down with relentless fervor. The advanced AI that Dynamic Pixels developed for the game will ensure that your neighbor learns from your behavior and will work quickly against you to counter it. For example, if you try to go through a window too many times, your neighbor will start laying bear traps underneath his windows. If you do manage to escape and hide after being discovered, your neighbor will quickly cut off any potential escape routes, stacking up furniture in front of doors and windows.

You can watch a gameplay preview of Hello Neighbor above. Tiny Build plans to release Hello Neighbor for PC sometime in the summer of 2017. You can sign up for the Alpha by visiting the Hello Neighbor official website.

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