HTC's Viveport Launches In Over 30 Countries

The HTC Viveport app launched and has a lifestyle focus.

HTC has just launched an app store by the name of Viveport that will focus on providing lifestyle centered VR experiences. The announcement, which was featured on the Vive blog awhile back, describes Viveport as a place “to browse crazy-cool, immersive experiences”.

Viveport initially launched in China back in April of this year but is now accessible in over 30 countries across the globe. The app features a wide variety of virtual reality content that includes categories such as news, shopping, educational entertainment, cinematic experiences, creative expression, interactive stories, social media and much more.

The primary focus of Viveport is to provide supplemental VR experiences outside of gaming, in order to provide a wide spectrum of entertainment for HTC Vive owners. Visit the official Viveport website to see the many options and experiences that are available.

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