Neil deGrasse Tyson Takes His First Steps Into Gaming

Dr. Tyson takes his first steps into gaming with his new video game Space Odyssey and it's based on real science.

Famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has taken his first steps into the gaming industry with Space Odyssey. Space Odyssey can be described as an online multiplayer, building game where players will try their hands at creating new solar systems and even entire galaxies. Although the game is still early in its development, the development team has said it has features that resemble Civilization and Minecraft. Ultimately, the goal of Space Odyssey is to be its own unique experience.

Co-Creator Mark Murphey has said that Space Odyssey will center around space exploration, relying on the player's ability to gather knowledge, tools, and other valuable resources in an attempt to colonize their planets. Murphy also revealed that Dr. Tyson will be playing a pivotal role in the game’s development process, ensuring that all the information and gameplay aspects in the game are based on real science, including the physics.

There's plans for Space Odyssey VR missions along with a variety of video and multimedia experiences which will be revealed next year at popular conventions such as SDCC, NYCC, and Wondercon. Until that happens, be sure to sign up for the Space Odyssey beta and play a part in forming Dr. Tyson’s first-ever gaming experience.

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