5 Horror Movies We'd Love To Play As Games - Evil Dead

These beloved horror films deserve proper video game adaptations.

3. The Evil Dead

"Shut up, Linda!"

Fans of this slasher film have likely contemplated how it would feel to occupy the role of Ash as he dukes it out with the deadites. Continuing the theme of chainsaws and horror comedy, The Evil Dead and The Evil Dead 2 would be exciting games in their own right. Though the game feels like it’d occupy the single-player style better than multiplayer, there’s always the opportunity to add a multiplayer component similar to games like Killing Floor or Call of Duty Zombies.

Team up with your friends and try to survive wave after wave of deadites! Aside from the multiplayer potential, the campaign itself would be a delight for fans of the film franchise. We’re personally fans of the TV series Ash and the Evil Dead, and have often wished we could fill the shoes of Bruce Campbell’s memorable protagonist. 

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