Shadow Warrior 2 Will Give You The Wang

Our favorite Shadow Warrior is back and he’s dishing out some serious Wang.

Shadow Warriors 2 is a continuation to the misadventures of shogun and all-around professional badass, Lo Wang. It takes place 5 years after Wang’s shattered alliance with former boss, Master Zilla, and his unsuccessful attempts at avenging Zilla’s cold-blooded murder of his mentor. Lo Wang now leads a more quiet life as a hitman for the Yakuza. But in true Wang fashion, a series of uncontrollable events lands him back in his high-octane lifestyle to rid the world of malevolent forces.

In Shadow Warrior 2, you’ll notice some very obvious changes in gameplay. The most noticeable changes are how expansive the maps are, giving you the option to take a more explorative approach in your quest for slaughter. Environments are visually stunning and highly detailed although you won't have much time to marvel at them, considering you'll be too busy participating in massive demon bloodshed.

One thing you will have the time to marvel at is the impressive arsenal of lethal weapons. Katanas, throwing knives, hand claws, and an impressive variety of guns will have you making it rain blades and bullets as you annihilate your enemies. No matter what your preference is, you’ll be sure to be slashing, shooting, and dual-wielding in style with over 70 options to choose from.

In Shadow Warrior 2, you’ll be able to hone your ninja skills in single and multiplayer campaign modes. Whatever your flavor, feel free to rock the campaign solo or team with up to 4 of your friends for ultimate carnage. In the new online co-op mode, you’ll meet up with fellow assassins to tackle side quests and missions.

You can also upgrade Lo Wang’s abilities, weapons, and overall damage with Shadow Warrior 2's new customizable systems. Depending on the situation, certain weapons will increase the amount of gory damage done to enemies, while leveling up your weapons using various stones can improve its performance or give it elemental side effects. Equip your Shadow Warrior with new armor and various items you find to increase his power.

Shadow Warrior 2 is being developed by Flying Wild Hog, the same team responsible for the first reimagining of Shadow Warrior, and the well-known shooter Hard Reset Redux. It will debut on PC starting on October 13th with a console release scheduled for early next year. Be sure to check out Shadow Warrior 2 on Steam and watch 12 minutes of gory gameplay footage below.

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