Plants vs. Zombies Developer Creates New Indie Studio

The indie studio is currently hard at work on their first game, Octogeddon.

George Fam, creator of the widely successful game Plants vs. Zombies, has established a new indie studio by the name of All Yes Good. In addition, a new trailer for the studio’s first upcoming indie title, Octogeddon, has officially been released.

All Yes Good is comprised of various former members of the Plants vs. Zombies team including lead artist Rich Werner and programmer Kurt Pfeifer. The teaser trailer, as shown below, doesn’t reveal any gameplay or design features. Instead, the 30-second clip focuses on a live octopus (mirroring the game’s title) and a building explosion towards the end.

The game is described as an arcade-style action-strategy game. Players assume the role of Octogeddon, a large, mutant octopus intent on causing world destruction.

Players will grow more tentacles as they progress forward in the game, and will eventually evolve them into more powerful weapons in order to become the most effective killing machine. Octogeddon is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017, you can find more information about the game on Octogeddon’s official website.

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