Hello Neighbor Guide To Breaking And Entering

Outwit your suspicious neighbor by using this easy guide to breaking and entering in Hello Neighbor.

The most difficult challenge you’ll face when playing Hello Neighbor is the several attempts you’ll make breaking and entering into your suspicious neighbor’s home. He’s cunning, quick on his feet, and highly paranoid, making the job very difficult to accomplish. Here are a few proven techniques that have worked for us, so hopefully they work for you as well.

Ding Dong Ditch

This tactic is the simplest and requires minimal stealth on your behalf. Start by ringing your neighbor’s doorbell, then run back inside your house and close the door. This will have him open the front door and from this point forward (as long as you aren’t caught) that door will be unlocked and accessible. You can also use this tactic to draw your neighbor away from a certain part of the house.


Inside the bedroom with the broken window in the back of the house will be a radio. This item is super handy when trying to break into your neighbor’s house. This technique is rather simple since the item is pretty easy to find and pick up. Take the radio and place it in a spot that will benefit you outside your neighbor’s home. Turn it on using the action button and place it down in front of his door. Sprint back to your home and watch as your neighbor opens his front door, picks up the radio, and retreats back inside. You can now enter his house through the front door. Try this technique using the back or side of the house as well, if you want to buy yourself some more time.

Alarm Clock

In the pre-alpha version of Hello Neighbor, there was an alarm clock you could find in the garbage strewn about your neighbor’s curb. This item has now been moved inside his home making this a bit more difficult to achieve. The alarm clock is well worth the risk since it’s an item you can re-use and it buys you more time than all of the other items in the game. You can grab the alarm clock inside of his living room quite easily, so I recommend grabbing it and running back out of your neighbor’s home before he notices. Turn on the alarm clock using the action button, but only once you’ve found the spot you’re going to set it down since it will go off after a few seconds. Try placing the alarm clock in the back of the house because it will buy you even more time to break in and go through your neighbor’s things.


A new item that’s been added to the alpha of Hello Neighbor is the cordless phone that now resides inside your bedroom. If you pick up this phone and use it, you’ll find out upon closer investigation that it calls your neighbor’s phone. His phone resides on top of the dresser in the hallway of his home. Grab this phone, place it somewhere else inside his house and call it using your own phone to serve as a distraction. The only catch with this item is that it only works inside your neighbor’s house so you have to execute caution while using it.

Fuse Box

In the alpha of Hello Neighbor, you’ll notice that you now have access to fuse boxes that you can utilize to control the power. The power switch to your neighbor’s home can be found all the way in the back of his house. Although this won’t serve as much of a distraction, it will render the electricity inside of his home unusable.


In your neighbor’s kitchen counter you’ll find a gallon of milk. If you continue into the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet, you’ll find a bottle of sleeping pills. Grab the pills and head back to the gallon of milk where you can contaminate the milk. The next time your neighbor takes a big swig of fresh milk, he’ll be taking quite the lengthy nap. This will give you plenty of time to knock a few items off that list from the guide on How To Reach The Hello Neighbor Ending.


Once you gain access to the shed in the backyard of your neighbor’s house, you’ll find a gun. If you think this means you can off your neighbor, sadly this is not the case. It seems like the gun is filled with an unlimited amount of corks and you can pelt your neighbor if he decides to chase you down. It’ll buy you a few moments to grab an item within reach and make your getaway.

Try using the more stealthy tactics first when you first start your game since your neighbor learns from  and anticipates your actions, especially those that he’s caught you in the act of doing. Hopefully this guide to breaking and entering in Hello Neighbor is useful and will help you in finding out what’s inside that suspicious basement!

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