Underrail Getting Its First Major Expansion Next Year

Prepare for an expedition into the Black Sea.

Developer Stygian Software has announced that the post-apocalyptic isometric RPG Underrail will be getting its first story expansion early next year, with the expansion itself taking players into a more nautically themed locale. The expansion, titled Underrail: Expedition, introduces a massive new subterranean region called the Black Sea, a place where players can make their apocalyptic pirate fantasies into a reality.

According to Stygian Software’s official announcement, Expedition’s new story content will be worked into the main game as opposed to being standalone, becoming available about midway through the base game’s campaign. Here’s a bulleted list of new features included in Expedition courtesy of Stygian’s announcement:

  • A brand new storyline that becomes available during the mid-game
  • Over a 100 new areas to explore of various types – shores and islands of the Black Sea, mysterious underground facilities, pirate strongholds, and more New human factions, as well as wild creatures to combat New items and crafting recipes
  • New human factions, as well as wild creatures to combat New items and crafting recipes
  • New items and crafting recipes
  • New skills and feats 
  • Leveling past level 25 with a special pool of feats to choose from

Stygian Software is planning to release the Expedition expansion sometime in early 2017, though a specific release date hasn’t yet been decided on.

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