Don't Starve Together: How To Survive The First Night

Grab some friends and survive the night in Don’t Starve Together.

After Don’t Starve rocketed to success, Klei Entertainment released another iteration of the game entitled Don’t Starve Together. Don’t Starve Together quickly pulled new players in, even ones who had never played the original Don’t Starve. This is because Don’t Starve Together allows players to team up with friends, or complete strangers, and tackle the survival game in a multiplayer setting. If you’re new to Don’t Starve and want to know how to survive the night, here are a few helpful tips to get you through!

Note: These tips work better when joining a Social or Cooperative server in Don’t Starve Together as opposed to a PvP server.

Watch The Clock

When you first spawn into a server in Don’t Starve Together, you will find yourself near a large portal door. This door acts as a light source, and mitigates the issue of scavenging for enough supplies to immediately build a fire on a server with several other people. Before you head off to begin your game, take a look at the right-hand corner of your screen.

There, you’ll see a circle with three different colors (yellow, burgundy, blue), that indicate the time. If you spawn at night (indicated by the dark blue color), stay by the portal and wait until morning (yellow) to begin collecting supplies. Additionally, if the clock is winding down through the evening (indicated by a burgundy clock color), it’s best not to wander far away from the portal. This is because you may not be able to scavenge the necessary supplies to build a fire before night falls.

In the dark without a fire or light source, you die.

Gathering Supplies

Once day breaks, venture off into the surrounding area to scavenge for supplies. Prioritize items that help you craft other items such as an axe to chop trees for firewood. Common supply items scattered about include grass, twigs, flint, rocks, and food items. With a name like Don’t Starve Together, you will want to make sure you scavenge enough food to replenish your hunger bar which you can track by looking at the circular stomach in the right corner underneath your clock.

It’s a good practice to grab as many items as you can, especially core items such as grass, twigs, flint, rocks, food, and any treasures you may come across (some are dropped by fallen players). Note that if you pick up a fallen player’s items, make a point to attempt to return any items that aren’t core items later on. Most of the time, friendly players will extend the offer for you to keep these items. However, the simple act of returning items the player needs builds trust and friendship. 

Remember that friendly players help keep you alive, so play nice (at least in the beginning).

Building A Fire

The most important aspect to surviving the night in Don’t Starve Together is building a fire. To build a fire, you will first need to scavenge one twig and one flint to craft an axe. Flint can be found on the ground; they resemble rocks but are darker in color and more jagged. Twigs can be harvested from small saplings littered throughout the map, often near yellow shoots of grass in the spawn area.

Once you’ve acquired the necessaries supplies, a bell will chime in the background indicating you may now craft a particular item. To craft your axe, click the crossed axe/pickaxe logo on the grid located on the left side of the screen. This will pop out a selection of craftable items in that category. Select the axe logo on top to craft your axe. After your axe is crafted, the item will automatically equip. Next, head over to the nearest tree and hold down the same command you use to pick up items to begin the chopping animation.

Continue holding until the tree has fallen, then proceed to pick up the wood and any items that may have fallen with it (pine cones or birch nuts). It’s a good idea to chop down a couple of trees to fill up your inventory with an adequate amount of wood. Chopping trees will slowly wear down your axe until it breaks, so continue harvesting twigs and flint to replenish your inventory. Before night falls, be sure to give yourself enough time to click the fire logo underneath the one you clicked on to build your axe.

In the menu that pops up, select the image of a campfire and place your fire on the area where you wish to camp. A good practice is to quickly scan the area and place your fire near items that can be scavenged while you wait for morning. Be sure to feed your fire with additional wood, or pine cones if you start to run out of wood. Don’t burn core items like grass or twigs, as you will need these for crafting later on.


At night, you can cook food items over the fire and replenish your hunger meter. The key to survival in Don’t Starve Together is always being prepared. Sometimes, friendly players will find you at the portal and lead you to where they’ve set up base camp. There, they will usually have a fire going and a store of usable supplies. Just because you’ve found a safe place to spend the night, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the steps above in order to be prepared.

Don’t Starve Together is a game about survival. While surviving your first night is crucial, you will eventually be left wondering what else to do. To help, we put together a Don’t Starve Basic Survival Tips guide which you can reference. Additionally, Don’t Starve Together has a chat feature where you can ask questions. Most of the time, other players on the server will give you answers. This is especially true on friendly servers like Social and Cooperative as opposed to PvP servers.

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Morgan is a writer, indie game lover, and socially awkward coffee addict. Need something? Morgan can be reached at or if you like, you can say hello using GIFs on Twitter.

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