Osiris New Dawn: Getting Started, How To Find Titanium And More

If you're new to Osiris New Dawn, follow these useful tips and tricks that will help you in getting started, finding titanium and more.

Osiris New Dawn is a space exploration game that requires a fair amount of trial and error to truly get started. In order to save you hours of strenuous, head scratching, and unproductive gameplay, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you on your journey.

Start Your Settlement

The first thing you should do is start your settlement. I’d recommend doing this in an area that’s abundant in resources. Utilize this map which displays where resources have been found. Depending on where you’ve spawned in the beginning of your game, you may be able to find a choice spot nearby. Once you’ve placed down your dome, jot down the coordinates in case you ever wander too far off and get lost.

Build A Depository

Once you’ve started your settlement, your next step should be to build a depository. This is important since you’ll be collecting an abundance of resources. These can occupy a lot of space in your inventory and encumber you. The depository will allow you to store all your items that you don’t currently need in a safe place.

Finding Titanium

After building your depository, the first resource you should acquire Titanium. You’ll need titanium to begin building your forge. Since it’s not an easy resource to find, utilize your map and use these Titanium coordinates to harvest some. Once you’ve found some titanium, begin looking for iron and plutonium, which are the remaining  resources required for building the forge.

Build A Forge

Now you’re ready to start your settlement. Building a forge is your first step to truly experiencing Osiris New Dawn. This is because it will give you the ability to craft certain items such as steel, glass, and weapon ammunition. These will be the building blocks for important tools such as beacons, chemistry tables, and more.

Save Your Progress

Once you've accomplished these tasks, your first day should be coming to a close. Retreat back to your dome and don't forget to save your progress. You should now be ready fully prepared to begin your Osiris New Dawn adventure. Hopefully these tips helped you on getting a good start and beginning your new space colony. 

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