Transport Fever Release Date Announcement

Check out Transport Fever’s release date announcement trailer and gameplay footage.

The official release date for Transport Fever (a successor to the popular Train Fever), has been revealed. Developer Urban Games and publisher Gambitious have been hard at work behind-the-scenes getting everything ready for Transport Fever’s release. Now, in a brand new announcement trailer, you can see Transport Fever in all its glory.

Slated to release on November 8th, Transport Fever puts players right in the economic heart of the cities they build. From managing a transit network comprised of land, sea, and air to foster a growing economy, to upgrading your infrastructure, Transport Fever is a thoroughly engrossing experience


The game draws on over 150 years of transport history and features over 120 highly detailed trains, aircraft, ships, buses, and vehicles which age as time passes. Transport Fever will release for PC on November 8th.

For more information about Transport Fever be sure to check out the Transport Fever Steam page , and Transport Fever’s official website.

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