There's a C64 Mini now for all your Commodore nostalgia needs

Tiny retro console war.

Yet another classic is returning in tiny form as the C64 Mini has been confirmed for an early 2018 release.

The fully licenced miniature console is a HDMI reimagining that comes with a joystick to go in one of two USB ports and 64 licenced games. The full list is available on the website but all the best are there, don’t worry.

Among its many features include a CRT and scanline emulation option for the pixel representation, getting around the problem of sharp HD displays making all your old favorites look like garbage. There are also improved savegame states and you can plug in a USB keyboard to get around tiresome scoreboard entry fatigue.

Current pricing information puts it at $69.99 on launch (nice) and a full-size version complete with its own built-in keyboard is promised for sometime in 2018, too. The developers Retro Games are working with Deep Silver owners Koch Media to distribute the console, so expect it to easily make it stateside.


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