Why Flying Wild Hog Believe DRM Is A Waste of Time

Shadow Warrior 2 developers Flying Wild Hog believe that adding DRM protection is a waste of time.

Polish developers Flying Wild Hog have been receiving a well-deserved amount of attention for their latest and greatest release, Shadow Warrior 2. The sheer amount of time and dedication that Flying Wild Hog has put into Shadow Warrior 2 clearly shows and as a result, fans have been anything but shy when it comes to expressing their love for the game.

Another aspect that many owners of Shadow Warrior 2 will find both notable and even praise-worthy is the game’s lack of DRM, or Digital Rights Management. According to Flying Wild Hog developer Krzysztof “KriS” Narkowicz, the inclusion of piracy protection like Denuvo (the current DRM of choice) ends up harm than good:

“We don’t support piracy, but currently there isn’t a good way to stop it without hurting our customers. Denuvo means we would have to spend money for making a worse version for our legit customers. It’s like this FBI warning screen on legit movies.”

In addition to statements made on Shadow Warrior 2’s Steam forum, Narkowicz also opened up about the matter in a recent interview with Kotaku. There, he elaborated on the reasons why he felt DRM simply wasn’t worth it:

“Any DRM we would have needs to be implemented and tested. We prefer to spend resources on making our game the best possible in terms of quality, rather than spending time and money on putting some protection that will not work anyway.”

Jumping in, Flying Wild Hog’s Artur Maksara and Tadeusz Zielinski stated “The trade-off is clear. We might sell a little less, but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles!”

“In our opinion, in the perfect world, people would not pirate games and [would] pay the devs for their work. But, in our imperfect world, the best anti-pirate protection is when the games are good, highly polished, easily accessible and inexpensive,” concluded Maksara.

All in all, many gamers have jumped on board with Flying Wild Hog’s mindset regarding DRM, which has been a subject of heated discussion over the last several years. Those who spend their hard-earned money on a game don’t want to experience the reported performance issues and bugs caused by anti-piracy methods. However, there’s no question that developers don’t appreciate games they’ve dedicated years of hard work to being distributed free-of-charge. Moving forward, we hope a better balance will one day be struck in the ongoing fight against piracy that all sides can appreciate.

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