New Shadow Warrior 2 'Behind The Theme' Trailer

Learn more about Shadow Warrior 2’s epic theme in the game’s latest trailer.

Developer Flying Wild Hog have knocked it out of the park when it comes to Shadow Warrior 2. This is demonstrated in the game’s popularity continuing to rise, with fans eagerly devouring any and all additional content and information for the game that they can get their hands on (at least we have).

So you can imagine the excitement we felt as we watched Shadow Warrior 2’s latest game trailer, Behind The Theme, for the first time. Released to publisher Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel yesterday, the newest Shadow Warrior 2 trailer highlights how the game’s epic theme song came together.

The two and a half minute trailer includes each artist’s name and the instrument they played for the theme. The soundtrack for Shadow Warrior 2 was composed by Michal Cielecki, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, and Adam Skorupa. In addition to Shadow Warrior 2, all three talented Polish musicians have composed some absolutely phenomenal work; we highly recommend visiting their websites and checking them out!

The theme song for Shadow Warrior 2 really exemplifies how powerful video game music can be. Spearheaded by Miho Mizumachi’s haunting vocals, the song gradually builds up to an epic climax courtesy of Mark Knight’s powerful electric violin riffs and Aleksander Grochocki’s hard-hitting guitar playing.

To experience Shadow Warrior 2’s theme for yourself, be sure to check out the Behind The Theme trailer above and head over to Shadow Warrior 2's Steam page to add it to your library! 

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