Hello Neighbor Game Going Open Alpha This Weekend

Dynamic Pixels’ Hello Neighbor game is opening to the public starting this weekend.

You might have seen Let’s Plays of this terrifying indie game coming from some of your favorite YouTube personalities as of late and may have been wondering how to get your hands on it. Today, tinyBuild officially announced that Hello Neighbor will be opening up to the public starting this weekend. You can sign up for open alpha on the official tinyBuild website!

That’s not all. The current state of the game only allows players to access the first floor of their very suspicious neighbor’s home but along with tinyBuild’s announcement of the Hello Neighbor open alpha, there were more details revealed about where the direction of the game will be going.

The developers of Hello Neighbor, Dynamic Pixels, have stated that they have solid plans on making full use of your neighbor’s entire house. This news is very exciting considering the house is quite large and done in sandbox style. You’ll also be able to explore locations outside of your neighbor’s home.

The developers have also said that the ultimate goal of the game is to find out what your neighbor is hiding in his basement. As you uncover this mystery, you’ll learn more about the story through player initiated story sequences.

Dynamic Pixels has warned that any alpha versions of the game will change, especially the setup and structure of your neighbor’s house. They have also said that the art style shown within the teaser trailer below is very close to that of the final product, and we must say, it's stunning.

Sign up for the open Hello Neighbor Alpha.

For more on Hello Neighbor on Indie Obscura, watch how we reached the ending within the Hello Neighbor pre alpha, learn the basics of breaking and entering into your neighbor's home, and check out the announcement trailer that revealed how terrifyingly clever your AI neighbor is.

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