Best Shadow Warrior 2 Screenshots - Page 2

There’s plenty to admire in these Shadow Warrior 2 screenshots.

Shadow Warrior 2 does a fantastic job at capturing the unique beauty of Japan. Make sure to take a break from dishing the wang to absorb it, in all it's HDR glory. This beautiful screenshot is from Steam user Epi_demic.

Another day, another wang. So many wangs, so little time. Good wangs come to those who wait. You get the picture.

Shadow Warrior 2 has plenty of gorgeous landscapes to capture pictures of. This one is accompanied by a pretty epic sunrise. This screenshot is brought to us by Steam user KimF0ndue.

And the award for the best shotgun reload animation goes to... Shadow Warrior 2!

You'll see a lot of rabbits in Shadow Warrior 2 and there's good reason for it. Make sure to check out the Wangopedia and read up on the Legend of the Rabbit lore and try not to interrupt these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

These Shadow Warrior 2 fortune cookies from PAX were filled with nothing but great wisdom.

Well, at least we know their stance on legalizing... hemp farming? 


If you've enjoyed these Shadow Warrior 2 screenshots, be sure to share this article with your friends and give them a good laugh! We'd love to see some of your best Shadow Warrior 2 screenshots, so we encourage you to drop them down in the comments below. Happy wang hunting, shadow warriors!

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