Unlock The Friday The 13th Virtual Cabin Secret Ending

Find all these items and unlock the Friday The 13th Virutal Cabin secret ending.

Many supporters of Friday The 13th The Game have been wondering how to unlock the virtual cabin’s secret ending. After hours of exploring the creepy cabin, we’ve managed to find dozens of easter eggs that serve as a tribute to all of the movies. Below you’ll find a list of the items that unlock the hidden room and where in the cabin you can find them. We’ll also cover what to do once you’ve entered the secret room so you can properly initiate the secret ending.

Directions: With each item listed on here, find it, center it on your screen and leave it there for several moments. Some items take longer to interact with than others, so be patient. Make sure to let the sequence play through in it's entirety. Once you do, you'll hear the sound of chalk on the chalkboard in the hallway, which means that you've completed a sequence that unlocks the hidden room. There are 10 in total. 

Easter Eggs In The Kitchen

Cast Iron Frying Pan

Easter Eggs In The Bathroom

Blood Spattered White T-shirt

Easter Eggs In The Living And Dining Area

Rotary Dial Telephone

Easter Eggs In The Counselor Room

Jimmy Is A Dead **** Graffiti

Misplaced White Bra

Handy Life Preserver

Easter Eggs In The Item Room

Court Was Here ‘86 Graffiti

Jarvis Family History

Easter Eggs In The Conservatory

Mrs. Voorhees Tombstone

Easter Eggs In Jason's Room

Impaled Blood Stained Mattress

The Hidden Room With The Secret Ending

Once you've completed the sequences for all these items, approach the chalkboard in the hallway. 10 symbols should be highlighted in red and it should prompt you to press E. Once you've pressed this, all the doors in the cabin will slam shut and you'll hear Mrs. Voorhees laugh menacingly. Walk back into Jason's room and head towards the back. You'll see a hidden doorway has opened, leading into a room in the back. Inside of it, you'll find the decapitated head of Mrs. Voorhees next to some candles and a machete. Position yourself in front of this and wait a good 30 seconds. To see the ending, watch the video accompaniment for this guide below.

Congratulations, you've successfully unlocked the secret ending to the Friday The 13th Virtual Cabin.

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