Bloodrayne Doppelganger Joins Paragon's Roster

Mysterious new Countess character will arrive just in time for Halloween.

Epic Games has unveiled the latest roster addition for its free-to-play MOBA, Paragon. The new character is a sword-wielding vampire whose outfit and overall aesthetic make her a dead ringer for Rayne, the vampiric protagonist of the cult-classic Bloodrayne series.

Sadly, this new Paragon champion, which Epic has dubbed “The Countess,” isn’t actually Rayne, although it’s pretty obvious that whoever designed her was a fan of developer Terminal Reality’s short-lived Bloodrayne franchise.

The Countess is a vampire who can use darkness-based powers and hit-and-run tactics to put some serious hurt on her enemies while easily avoiding damage herself. Here’s a breakdown of The Countess’s abilities straight from Epic:

  • Blade Siphon: Countess quickly spins her blades around her, causing damage in a circle around her. Passive: Countess regains a percent of her max health every time she kills an enemy, with bonus health for a Hero kill.
  • Shadow Slip: Countess targets a nearby enemy and blinks to it, dealing damage and applying a slow. If the target is a minion, it is executed. Reactivate to return to the original position.
  • Dark Tide: Countess sends out a roiling cloud of darkness in front of her, dealing damage to all enemies in the area of effect.
  • Feast: Countess jumps to a nearby enemy Hero, forcing them to look at her and stunning them before dealing a massive burst of damage. Countess is locked down for the duration of the attack.

The Countess will arrive in Paragon on October 25th, just in time for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, Paragon’s Shadow’s Eve event is live right now, allowing players to purchase special Halloween-themed skins for several different champions and even unlock a free “Dock-O-Lantern” skin for Murdoch by linking their Twitch account to their Epic Games account. While you wait for The Countess to arrive in Paragon, check out her official reveal trailer above.

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