That Snake Pass logo on the Switch will go back to being good


After fan uproar at a changed app icon, the Snake Pass developers Sumo Digital will be reverting to the original art.

Nintendo’s app developer guidelines suggest using box-art-style icons for games, however after the initial launch of Snake Pass, Sumo changed to a minimal square you’d see on smartphones or tablets.

The response of fans wasn’t enough to immediately force the backtrack, but it appears the studio has now relented and will be reinstating the less face-y original version.

“The reaction to the icon change has been interesting, and as this is our first self-published title, it’s definitely a valid part of our learning experience,” Sumo said in a statement issued to Kotaku. “It’s also testament to the passion that players have for Nintendo and Switch that a detail like icons are part of the overall gaming experience and connection they have with the handheld.”


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