Rocket League Kicks Off Halloween Event

Grab Rocket League’s new Halloween-themed items for a limited time.

Rocket League has officially joined the roster of games offering up Halloween items and events for players.

Recently, we covered Pokemon GO’s highly anticipated Halloween event that ups the odds of finding and capturing elusive Ghost Pokemon (giving players something to look at other than a sea of Pidgeys). Now, Rocket League users are getting some much-needed Halloween love as well with the option to bedeck their vehicle in a wide variety of spooky-looking items. 

As of right now, players can snag some sick-looking swag via free DLC packsor crack open a Halloween Loot Box—during Rocket League's Halloween event. These include spooktacular car customizations such as trails, toppers, and antennas. Speaking of toppers, check out this new Bone King Topper that is sure to scare the pants off your opponents!

Or if you’re like us and love adding on fun antennas to your car, you should definitely try out the new Fuzzy Skull option. This neat little add-on will give your vehicle a trail of slime-green skulls… although, don’t be distracted by how cool it looks. Eye on the ball!

To catch a glimpse of other items in Rocket League’s Halloween event, be sure to check out the Halloween update video below!

If you’re as excited as we are, be sure to make the most of this event by racing your way into Rocket League and grabbing these Halloween-themed items before they fade into the ether on November 4th. Already have some of these awesome items in your inventory? Let us know in the comments below which one is your current favorite!

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