Shadow Warrior 2 Special Reserve Collector's Edition

How you can get your hands on one of Shadow Warrior 2’s limited Collector’s Edition copies.

It has been nearly a month since Shadow Warrior 2 by developer Flying Wild Hog has been released. With massive sales and success, the Shadow Warrior 2 team continue to go strong with updates and upcoming DLC. However, one of the more notable releases that fans should keep an eye out for is the Shadow Warrior 2 Special Reserve Collector’s Edition.

Limited to only 5,000 copies, the Collector’s Edition includes the game, the 2013 remake of the original Shadow Warrior, soundtrack, stickers, a 96-page artbook, and DLC (including a solid gold ninja). This version appears very similar to the retail version of the game sold in Poland, though this version is obviously in English rather than Polish. To purchase one for yourself, be sure to head over to publisher Devolver Digital’s website.

The Shadow Warrior 2 Special Reserve Collector’s Edition is selling for $60, and the copies will ship out sometime later this month. If you love the game and want the bragging rights of having one of the game’s exclusive 5,000-copy Collector’s Editions, be sure to buy one before they sell out.

If you haven’t played Shadow Warrior 2 yet, head over to Steam where you can purchase the standard version of the game for $40.

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