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Bookmark some of these awesome indie game gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Journey Soundtrack

Austin Wintory is one of our favorite video game composers. While we adore the work he puts into every project, there’s something uniquely magical about Journey’s soundtrack. You can find the CD for Journey’s soundtrack at several different retailers, but to make things a little easier, you can purchase it online at Best Buy for $12

Team Fortress 2 Heavy Action Figure

Valve’s Steam merchandise store has everything you could ever want including items from games like Team Fortress 2 to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Again, it was difficult to narrow things down to just one item, but we were seriously impressed with this Heavy action figure. We can almost hear him now... asking us for a sandvich. If you want this guy decorating your desk, you can purchase him for $20.

Papers, Please Passport Notebook

Glory to Arstotska! If you love the game Papers, Please you can take your game to the next level by documenting your life in one of these neat Papers, Please Passport notebooks for $15 over on Fangamer!

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