Transport Fever Guide To The Wild West

Start off the American campaign in Transport Fever the right way with this guide to the wild west.

The first big mission you’ll take on during the American campaign of Transport Fever is building the famed Transcontinental Railroad in heart of the Wild West. During this time, you’ll be challenged to achieve 5 medals that include tasks such as finding a gold nugget, preventing a dry spell, taking preemptive business measures, outdoing your competition and keeping your investors happy. If you want to learn how to complete all these tasks, you’ll find how to do it below.

Hidden Treasure

Find the hidden gold nugget.

After you’ve finished building the route from Laramie to Rawlins, you’ll notice a question mark appear on the town of Rawlins. Clicking on this question mark will initiate a side quest titled ‘The Mysterious Gold Nugget’. This quest begins in Rawlins, takes you back through Laramie, and then over to where the indians have settled. Here you’ll find a small indian boy that will give you a clue on where to find the gold nugget but this may prove difficult for those of you who aren’t big fans of  solving riddles. You’ll find the gold nugget buried on a hill between Rawlins and Evanston, where you’ll find the indian boy’s aforementioned tree that’s casting a shadow on a rock all the way at the top. Use your terrain tool to lower the terrain and you will find the gold nugget.

Dry Spell

Take the route past all wells in the desert.

This medal is fairly easy to achieve but can come at a great cost if you’re not careful. While you’re building the railroad from Rawlins to Evanston, you’ll see 5 green circles randomly placed throughout the desert, indicating that there’s a well in this location. All you need to do to achieve the Dry Spell medal is place railroad that goes through each of these 5 areas, before reaching your destination at Evanston. Be sure to plan how you’re going to do this since you’ll be spending plenty of money laying the tracks down and the last thing you’ll want to do is spend more money on removing tracks that don’t quite get the job done.

Tool Factory

Act with foresight and build a stockpile of tools as early as possible.

In order to achieve this medal, you’ll have to construct a line that brings iron from Rawlins Iron Mine to Laramie Tool Factory before the tools you’re currently using wear out and become unusable. Start this while you’re building the rail line from Laramie to Rawlins by building 2 freight stations, one near Rawlins Iron Mine and another near Laramie Tool Factory. Connect these two freight stations with the railroad that is going to be used for the passenger stations as well. Once you’re finished, build a depot, buy a train that carries iron ore, and assign it to a line that runs from the freight stations that you’ve built. Carry on with your missions until you eventually earn the Tool Factory medal for being proactive and building up new tools ahead of time.

Beat The Competition

Be faster than the central pacific railroad and complete before May 1874.

Construction for your railroad begins in January of 1964, which means you have 10 years to complete your mission in order to achieve the ‘Beat The Competition’ medal. As long as you stay on task and are wary of how much time that goes by, completing this task should be relatively easy. A few things to keep in mind while you’ll building your railroad is to make use of the pause button when you’re not active on the map and remember to slow down time after you’ve completed a task that you’ve used the fast forward buttons for.

Happy Investors

Make your backers happy and never exceed your budget.

The Happy Investors medal is the most difficult medal to achieve and can take several attempts. I'll be honest with you guys, I've yet to achieve this medal myself! But, there are thing that I've done to get very close to accomplishing it so here are some pointers. There are sacrifices you’ll have to make and it’s also quite possible that you’ll have to forfeit other medals in order to complete this one.

When negotiating with the indians, opt for violence. Once you’ve built up enough tools to complete the ‘Produce Tools’ mission, send the train back to the depot and sell it for some extra money. You can also save money by not completing the ‘Dry Spell’ medal and only running the tracks through the minimum amount of wells required. If you have any more pointers that will assist fellow Transport Fever tycoons on achieving this particular medal, feel free to drop them down in the comments below.

Congratulations, you've succesfully built the Transcontinental Railroad and earned all the medals using this guide to the wild west. Now you can tackle the rest of the American Campaign of Transport Fever with solid footing and become the tycoon that you've always dreamed of.

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