Mysterium Board Game Getting Digital Version In December

Both mobile and PC versions are planned.

Mysterium, the hit horror-themed board game from developer Playsoft, will soon be getting a digital adaptation courtesy of Asmodee Digital. The digital version will recreate the same setup as the physical version which plays out sort of like a spooky take on the classic game Clue.

One player controls the ghost of a murder victim and they must provide subtle clues to the other players who must then uncover the specifics behind the murder such as time, place, and weapon used.

Up to seven players can be in a standard Mysterium match, but Asmodee has also confirmed the digital version will include a story mode which can be played solo.

Asmodee is working on a $9.99 Steam PC version of Mysterium as well as a $6.99 iOS and Android mobile version, with both versions expected to launch sometime in early December.

There will be one murder scenario available at launch with five more planned as free updates. The physical version’s expansion, Hidden Signs, will also be released as a paid expansion for the digital version sometime next year.

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