Tyranny Has Unobtrusive Daily Login Rewards

A free Paradox account is required to accrue Tyranny’s new daily login rewards.

Tyranny, the new isometric RPG from Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment, is now available for purchase. In addition to its unique story (set in a world where evil has already won), Tyranny also includes a feature that is not something you’d immediately associate with a single-player isometric RPG’s—daily login rewards.

As Obsidian recently outlined on Steam’s Tyranny FAQ page , players who make a free Paradox account (Paradox Interactive published Tyranny) and then play Tyranny while logged into their Paradox account, will be granted a random in-game item each day they play while logged in. The items which can be granted through these daily rewards include the following:

  • Healing Potion (Fine): 50% HP
  • Healing Potion (Superior): 100% HP
  • Potion of Revival: Brings a fallen party member back from KO
  • Cairn’s Leaf : Armor (+4), Endurance Defense (+20%)
  • Oldwater: Arcane Armor (+10), Magic Defense (+20%)
  • Potion of Elemental Barrier: Shock/Fire/Frost Armor (+10), Defense vs. Paralyzed/Burning/Frozen (+50)
  • Dire Remedy: 120-pt Stasis Shield, Max Health (+4%)
  • Potion of Heroes: All Attributes (+2)
  • Scarlet Poison: Poisons enemies on Crit
  • Fatiguing Toxin: Weakens enemies on Crit
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Skycap: Lore (+10), Magic Skills (+10), Wits (+4)

Since Paradox accounts are free to make, this is likely just a way for Paradox to track metrics on active players and/or get them on a mailing list for future games and offers. Either way, the items granted through the daily rewards system are all things that can also be earned via in-game means, so players shouldn’t feel pressured to make an account if they don’t want to.

You can purchase Tyranny on Steam, GOG, and learn more about the game on the official Tyranny website

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