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When you’re looking for something both fun and inexpensive to play.

Papers, Please

Have you ever wanted to be in charge of border patrol? No? Are you… are you sure? Papers, Please is a fun time management game where you get to scan the passports, IDs, and various other documents of strangers to determine whether or not to let them in to the fictional country of Arstotzka.

Initially, this may seem like more of a chore than a game. However, underneath the game's basic mechanics is a grim, fascinating story, and the process of checking passports can get quite addicting. You can buy Papers, Please for $10 on Steam, GOG, and the PlayStation StoreGlory to Arstotzka!


If you haven’t played Portal… what have you been doing with your life? Portal and its sequel Portal 2 are infamous for their engrossing gameplay, wonderful story, and unique portal-creating mechanic. For a fair $10 you can experience everything you missed out on Portal.

Sadly, the sequel remains at a $20 price point but the Winter Steam Sales are coming, so you may be able to get a good deal on a bundle that contains both games! Then, you will finally get your answer as to whether or not the cake is a lie. You can buy Portal for $10 on Steam, and the Microsoft Store

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