Pokémon GO is Getting a Double XP Week

Grab as much double XP as you can in Pokémon GO.

Niantic Labs recently announced that they will soon be activating a double XP bonus for Pokémon GO as a special thank you to loyal fans and players.

According to a new post on the Pokémon GO website, the amount of XP and Stardust granted through in-game actions will be doubled for a weeklong period starting on Wednesday, November 23rd.

“It has been an incredible experience since we launched Pokémon GO a few short months ago in July. We are passionate about creating experiences that encourage exploration and promote exercise. We are humbled that hundreds of millions of you around the world have joined us on this journey.

So we would like to say thank you—and what better way to say thank you than to celebrate our community. So, starting November 23rd and going through November 30th, we will double the amount of XP and Stardust you receive when completing in-game actions.”

There’s no word yet from Niantic on whether the double XP week will be in lieu of a more formal Thanksgiving-themed event or if the studio has more up its sleeve. In the end, we'll have to wait and see!

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