Smite's Holiday Event Is Now Live

New holiday-themed skins and encounters are currently being gifted to dedicated Smite players.

Hi-Rez Studios recently updated their hit god-themed MOBA Smite to version 3.22, adding in several new character skins, item tweaks, god changes, and the 2016 iteration of the Fafnir’s Wonderland holiday event.

According to the official 3.22 patch notes, this year’s iteration of Fafnir’s Wonderland introduces 15 new PvE encounters to the game, all of which have both an easy and a hard difficulty setting.

Completing encounters allows a player to earn points towards the Fafnir’s Wonderland meta-achievement with each encounter completed on easy difficulty granting five points and each encounter completed on hard awarding fifteen points.

The meta-achievement has five tiers and each tier reached will award a cache of Odyssey Points. Reaching the fifth and final tier will allow a player to roll for one of the event’s Cutest Avatar chests which now also have a chance of containing the new Cutest Fafnir avatar.

In addition to Fafnir’s Wonderland, patch 3.22 also includes a number of new holiday and non-holiday skins for gods such as Chiron, Thor, Mercury, Geb, Ratatoskr, and Tyr.

Other miscellaneous additions such as a new Mercury Dance emote, two new achievements for Thoth, item updates, and god changes round out the wealth of new Smite additions.

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