How to Kill a Wolf in The Long Dark

Learn how to kill a Wolf, or three, in The Long Dark.

This guide will show players how to kill a Wolf in The Long Dark. It’s a concept that might seem simple, but there are ways to kill these menaces without getting your clothing, or flesh, ripped to pieces.

It’s a method that takes a steady hand and some nerves of steel, but it works.

If you’re playing The Long Dark on Voyager, Stalker or Interloper, Wolves are going to be a problem at one point or another. Avoiding them is sometimes an option, but every now and again you must put one down.

If there’s only one Wolf, simply walk towards it with your Survival Bow or Rifle in your hands. When it charges you, aim your weapon at the ground a short distance in front of your character.

As the Wolf sprints at you, hit it with a shot from your Survival Bow or Rifle. Don’t wait too long, otherwise the Wolf will lunge and you’ll have to fight it off.

Assuming you did things correctly, the Wolf will be dead at your feet. Make sure there are no other Wolves in the area, then harvest your kill for whatever parts you require.

Should you wait too long to fire your Survival Bow or Rifle, you’ll end up in a struggle with the Wolf. PC players will want to quickly press the left mouse button to fight the beast off.

Heal any wounds that the Wolf inflicted during the struggle and decide on your next move. If the Wolf is dead, harvest and move on. If it’s alive, finish it off, or take the opportunity to make your escape.

Of course, Wolves aren’t the only hostile animals, so be sure to check out our guide on how to kill a Bear in The Long Dark. For now, at least you can say that you know how to kill a Wolf in The Long Dark.

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