Will No Man's Sky Get Ground Vehicles?

Hidden files point to a drivable buggy in No Man’s Sky.

While many No Man’s Sky players have been busy soaking up all the new content introduced in the game’s recently launched Foundation Update, some are already working hard to figure out what Hello Games has planned for the future. Driven by curiosity, one Reddit user may have unearthed a major feature potentially coming to the realm of No Man’s Sky—drivable ground vehicles.

According to Redditor eegandj, who detailed his findings in a pair of Reddit threads which you can read here, and here, there are files hidden away in the Foundation Update which include textures and models for a fully operational buggy vehicle that can be driven across a planet’s surface.

Eegandj went on to compile his findings into a simple land test mod which interested PC players can download now, though eegandj warns that the mod is nothing more than a collisionless test model and that it should be deleted once a player is done trying it out.

The evidence of a drivable buggy vehicle appears hard to refute, but considering how long it took for Hello Games to finish the Foundation Update, players shouldn’t expect the buggy to show up in the No Man’s Sky servers anytime soon.

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