Stardew Valley Coming To Consoles Next Month

Nintendo Switch version replaces Wii U.

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone has announced the upcoming console release windows for several different versions of his hit farming simulator title, while also announcing the cancellation of a version that likely wouldn’t have sold well in the broader scope of things.

First, Microsoft announced yesterday that the Xbox One version of Stardew Valley will launch on December 14th. Barone then followed up with a new post on the Stardew Valley website which confirmed the game’s PlayStation 4 release date as December 13th.

Within the post, Barone also announced that the planned Wii U version of Stardew Valley is being canceled in favor of a version which will be developed for Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console.

Barone even hinted that the Nintendo Switch version of the game might have some unique functionality that takes advantage of the console’s capabilities, but for now, all he could do was reiterate his commitment towards getting Stardew Valley onto Nintendo platforms.

Global Xbox One users and European PS4 users can pre-order Stardew Valley starting today.

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