How to Kill a Bear in The Long Dark

If you want the Bear Skin Bedroll, you must learn how to kill a Bear in The Long Dark.

This guide will show players how to kill a Bear in The Long Dark, something that is necessary if you plan to craft the Bear Skin Bedroll. The Bear Skin Bedroll is a necessary item for any player who plans to spend some cold nights outdoors.

Caves that contain Bear bones will spawn Bears. 

The first obstacle players must overcome is finding a Bear to kill. Keep in mind that Bears spawn near caves, and caves that will spawn a Bear have bones in them. No bones and there’s no Bear spawn.

Stay upwind from the Bear to prevent it from catching your scent. 

Once you find a Bear, our suggestion is that you crouch to make it harder for the beast to spot you, and try and stay upwind. Don’t let the bear catch your scent.

Use climbable terrain to keep yourself safe from the Bear's reach. 

Look for a hill, rock, or similar terrain that you can climb on—but would be out of reach to the Bear. This will help to keep you safe if it sees you and decides to charge.

If the Bear didn't see you shoot it, it will flee. 

If the Bear sees you shoot it, that’s what causes it to charge you. If the Bear doesn’t see who shot, it will flee. Make sure the bear is not looking at you when you take your shot.

Always go for a headshot when killing a Bear. 

Whether you’re using your Survival Bow or Rifle, go for a headshot on the Bear. This will cause it to bleed out faster, meaning you don’t have to spend as much time outdoors tracking it.

Build a fire to help you keep warm while you harvest the Bear carcass.

The Bear’s carcass will provide one Bear Pelt, 10 Guts, and huge amounts of Bear Meat. This can take a long time to harvest, so consider doing it little by little. Or, you can build a fire to help keep you warm.

Mark a location where you can cook Bear Meat and drop off supplies.

What players can harvest from a Bear can exceed the weight they can carry by itself. Know where you are, and mark a location close by where you can cook the Bear Meat and drop off supplies.

Of course, Bears aren’t the only creatures you need to concern yourself with in The Long Dark. Be prepared by reading through our guide on how to kill a Wolf in The Long Dark. However, if it’s the Bear Skin Bedroll that you’re after, at least now you know how to kill a Bear in The Long Dark.

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