Chrono Trigger already playable on SNES Mini as hackers set to work fast

No time like the present, past and future.

Notorious hackers have already cracked Nintendo’s latest old hardware with SNES Mini running unofficial ROMs.

Russian hacker Alexey 'Cluster' Avdyukhin has already got Chrono Trigger running on the miniature console with his hakchi2 software used to do the same on the NES Mini.

The procedure is apparently not as simple as for its predecessor, with the SNES Mini requiring ROMs to be modified to fit the format the on-board emulator is accustomed to reading.

However, it was never going to take that much longer with the SNES Mini running on essentially the same hardware as its older sibling.

The tools for getting ROMs working is not quite in the public’s hands just yet, as Cluster has told fellow tinkerers that there is ‘too many work. I need a week, I think.’


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