Rocket League Heads Into Space In New DLC

The newest Rocket League DLC takes players into outer space.

A brand new DLC expansion for Rocket League was recently unveiled at The Game Awards. Entitled Starbase ARC, the new DLC is full of outer space themes including a brand new stadium.

The new stadium is octagonal and orbits “an enormous (but familiar) planet,” quotes Psyonix. Additionally, whenever someone scores a goal in Starbase ARC, an “interstellar laser show” will activate in the arena.

Starbase ARC’s arena will be available in competitive, casual, and private matches for free. There will also be a new car up for grabs called the Vulcan priced at $1.99 (as seen above). Finally, new music is set to be added from Hollywood Principle featuring Dr. Awkward alongside the aforementioned Custom Training Mode and Steam Workshop support.

Rocket League players will be able to rocket into space on December 7th.

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