PlayStation Experience Day 1: Indie Games Slated For Release On The PS4

PSX 2016 confirms these indie games are getting a release on the PlayStation 4 console.

While indie games have a long-standing history of being released on the PC, as we enter this new age of gaming, we’re beginning to see these titles get their well deserved console release. During Day 1 of the PlayStation Experience, we were ambushed by confirmations of indie games getting a release on the PS4. Here’s some of the awesome titles that you can expect to find in the PlayStation Store sometime in 2017.

Mother Russia Bleeds

Get ready for long nights of classic beat ‘em up action with Mother Russia Bleeds. This bloody co-op game set in Russia, allows up to 4 players to engage in a relentlessly bloody battle against authority and a debilitating addiction to narcotics. Recommended for mature audiences only! Check out Mother Russia Bleeds on PlayStation.


In Absolver, you’ll be able to engage in a combat fueled RPG where you’ll battle in real time with other players online. With an ever-changing narrative that gives each player a unique backstory for their character, you’ll be sure to have a blast with PVP battle arenas and PVE dungeons. Check out Absolver on PlayStation.

Rain World

Adult Swim joins the next shipment of PS4 released indies with Rain World. Featuring an adorable slug-like cat, you’ll venture through ruined environments and fight for your survival in a land where food, and a friendly face are hard to find. Check out Rain on PlayStation.


Fans of Transistor and Bastion are in for a treat with the next title coming from Supergiant, Pyre. Dedicated to enriched atmosphere and storytelling, this RPG takes you on a journey through purgatory, where you'll find comradery, salvation, and hopefully, enlightenment. Check out Pyre on PlayStation.


Uncover hidden secrets, discover foreign land, piece together the puzzle pieces of your past, and find your purpose in the future in this atmospheric indie named Vane. You’ll discover ruins filled with wonder among the deserts you’ll traverse as you leave your mark on the world around you. Check out Vane on the official Friend and Foe website.

Nex Machina

Eugene Jarvis and the makers of Resogun come together to bring you Nex Machina. Arcade enthusiasts will definitely find something to love about this action-filled and challenging twin shooter title. Slay a never-ending slew of robots during a time where technology has completely taken over. Check out Nex Machina on PlayStation.

Which of these games are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to come back for more PSX 2016 indie game coverage during the next couple days. Until then, check out the new free-to-play game that was released today called Let It Die and prepare to get bloody during some beat 'em up brutal savagery in Mother Russia Bleeds.


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