How to earn Death Metal in Let It Die

Different ways to accrue Death Metal currency in Let it Die.

In Let it Die, one of the first things players ask is how to earn Death Metal. As a form of premium currency, the easiest way to acquire Death Metal is by purchasing it directly via microtransactions. Of course, there are a few in-game methods you can use to earn Death Metal for free.

With Death Metal being one of the most valuable items in Let it Die, knowing how to earn for free is important, especially once you reach the later stages of the game where bosses can be particularly hard to defeat. To ensure you never run out of Death Metal, we’ve put together a full guide on how to earn Death Metal in Let it Die!

What is Death Metal in Let it Die?

Death Metal is one of the most important items in Let it Die.

Before we explain how to earn Death Metal in Let it Die, let's quickly go over what Death Metal is used for. In Let it Die, Death Metal is a form of premium currency represented by a rainbow skull icon that's capable of resurrecting your Fighter should they perish in battle.

This option is offered to you in the form of a continue screen where you can either spend 1 Death Metal to resurrect your Fighter, or pass and attempt to recover them using other methods. If you run out of Death Metal or opt to recover them without Death Metal, your fallen Fighter will turn into a Hater. In order to recover your Fighter, you'll need to utilize another Fighter from your Fighter Freezer (one reason why having multiple Fighters is important). 

After selecting one of the Fighters in your Fighter Freezer, return to the floor where your Fighter died and defeat their Hater to return them to your Fighter Freezer. Alternatively, you can put in a Salvage Request in exchange for Kill Coins by interacting with their empty slot in your Fighter Freezer. 

In Let it Die, Death Metal is indicated by a rainbow skull icon. You can view how much Death Metal you have available by opening your Death Bag and looking at the top right corner.

In order to successfully progress in Let it Die and climb the Tower of Barbs, you'll need to level up and retain your Fighters. Because of this, Death Metal is extremely valuable as it saves you time, effort, and the frustration of having to start from the bottom all over again with a new Fighter.

To check how much Death Metal you currently have available, open up your Death Bag and look at the information displayed at the top right corner. There, you should be able to see your available SPLithium, Kill Coins, and Death Metal.

How to Earn Death Metal in Let it Die

The cost to resurrect your Fighter in Let it Die is 1 Death Metal.

There are a few ways to earn Death Metal in Let it Die. First, Death Metal is available for purchase via microtransactions (spending real money). The cash prices to purchase Death Metal are as follows:

  • 10 Death Metals - $4.99
  • 30 Death Metals - $13.99
  • 80 Death Metals - $32.99
  • 160 Death Metals - $60.99
  • 280 Death Metals - $99.99
The microtransaction cost of purchasing Death Metal in Let it Die varies depending on how much Death Metal you want.

In addition to Death Metal, you can also purchase an Express Pass which grants you access to several handy features including:

1. A Limited Skill Decal with one of the following effects provided as a daily login bonus:

  • Acquire more Kill Coins inside the tower.
  • Acquire more SPLithium inside the tower.
  • Acquire more EXP inside the tower.
  • Acquire more ABP inside the tower.
  • Increased HP recovery rate.
  • Slows the rate at which equipment durability decreases

2. An increased number of slots (10 slots) inside your Death Bag called “Royal Slots” which are marked by a crown icon. If you stop using the Express Pass service, your Royal Slots will be sent to your Rewards Box.

3. Access to the Royal Elevator in the Tower of Barbs.

4. Access to the Royal Elevator during raids.

The monthly Express Pass is marked at $14.99 on both the PlayStation Store and Steam. In addition, there are several other packages up for grabs that offer a mixture of Death Metal, Kill Coins, and unique items. 

Purchasing the Express Pass in Let it Die grants you access to the Royal Elevator.

Next, while you can convert Death Metal into Kill Coins, you can't convert Kill Coins into Death Metal. The conversion cost is 1 Death Metal per 5,000 Kill Coins, though we don't recommend using Death Metal for conversion. Instead, we strongly recommend saving your Death Metal and using it to revive your Fighters, especially considering how easy it is to earn Kill Coins in Let it Die.

For example, you can earn Kill Coins in Let it Die by kicking open briefcases found on the floor inside the Tower, killing enemies, breaking open large wooden crates found alongside the wall in the Tower, completing Quests, and even by participating in raids via the Tokyo Death Metro.

One of the best ways to earn Death Metal in Let it Die is by checking your Rewards Box located in the Waiting Room to the right of Let it Die's R&D shop owned by weapons dealer Kommodore Suzuki. Be sure to select and collect Death Metal in your Rewards Box each day, as you won't be able to receive more if your Rewards Box is full.

On a side note, you may want to store uncollected Kill Coins and SPLithium in your Reward Box in order to avoid losing it to pesky raiders from the Tokyo Death Metro. 

You can earn Death Metal by checking your Rewards Box in Let it Die.

Another way to earn Death Metal is by opening the Death Prime Box (to the left of the Royal Elevator in your Waiting Room) every day. Every 24 hours, Uncle Death delivers a new Death Prime Box that offers randomized rewards. By opening a Death Prime Box, you have a chance to earn Death Metal, Blueprints, and Decals.

Keep in mind, though, that Death Metal is an extremely rare RNG drop in Let it Die, meaning the Death Prime Box isn't a reliable method of earning Death Metal. Additionally, after opening a Death Prime Box, you'll need to complete an activity in order for the next one to arrive. For example, head into the tower, then returning to your Waiting Room.

When Uncle Death delivers a new Death Prime Box, a 24-hour timer will apply that counts down how long you have until you can open it.

You may find more Death Metal inside Uncle Death's shiny Death Prime Box.

Finally, you can earn Death Metal in Let it Die by visiting Naomi and assigning yourself Quests that reward Death Metal upon completion. To visit Naomi, you'll first need to defeat COEN on Floor 3. With that done, head to the fountain located in your Waiting Room and interact with it. Next, move your pointer from Uncle Death over to the girl located behind the arcade counter on her cell phone.

Alternatively, you can acquire and turn in completed quests by using the Superscope 703 in your Waiting Room. While in your Waiting Room, look behind the fountain to the left of Tetsuo (Tokyo Death Metro) and you'll see a pair of children. By interacting with them, you'll be taken to the Quests menu.

Keep in mind that new Quests will unlock as you climb the Tower, so be sure to check your list of Quests on a regular basis, and complete those that specify they offer Death Metal as a reward. Other rewards offered from Quests include crafting materials, Kill Coins, and edible items, among other things. 

To recap, you can earn Death Metal in Let it Die by checking your daily drops (Rewards Box and Death Prime Box), and by completing Quests. If you're looking to earn bulk Death Metal credits in Let it Die, remember that you can always purchase them through on Steam or the PlayStation Store.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to earn Death Metal in Let it Die.

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