It turns out Cuphead is easy after all

Watch this speedrunning lunatic take no hits.

Cuphead - the new hardest game ever, at least until the next one - may not be as hard as we all thought, judging by the work of YouTuber Aeraloth, who has now completed the game in under an hour without taking a single hit, as you can see below.

Of course, if you want to play Cuphead with this level of yawning indifference, you'll probably have to hone your reactions to KGB levels over many years, slogging through endless bullet-hell shooters until your heart-rate never climbs above 45, no matter how many pixelated instruments of lethality are flying at you from an unquantifiable range of angles. Seems a small price to pay for some YouTube fame and the occasional sassy news story about your feats, though.

We are still battling our way rather more painfully through Cuphead, but once we've seen enough we'll be rendering our own verdict. In the meantime though, we feel comfortable saying we're having a great time, and that vaunted 1930s aesthetic truly is something else.


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