Xbox Insiders can now gift games to their friends

Feature announced earlier this year begins rollout.

Hey you! Do you like giving people things? Do you have an Xbox One? Are you on the Xbox Insider program? Then we have good news! Microsoft seems to have enabled the option to gift games to people in the latest preview build of its fall OS update.

That's according to Windows Central, which reports that the 1710 preview build enables the feature in the Microsoft Store. The option to gift products is now located near to the option to buy them outright.

All you have to do is select that option, then send a game by email address or gamertag, along with a personalized name and message. Everything else about the process matches the traditional checkout experience.

The recipient will then receive a 25-digit redeemable code via email, allowing them to take advantage of your tremendous generosity.

All in all it sounds like great news ahead of the holiday season, so make sure you round up all your friends and relatives' email addresses... so you can email them the news and order them to send you free stuff. That's the festive spirit, right?


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