Everything You Need to Know About Pyre

Check out Supergiant Games’ upcoming indie RPG, Pyre.

Developer Supergiant Games is well-known for their indie titles Bastion and Transistor. Following the release of Transistor in 2014, Supergiant has been hard at work on a brand new concept... Pyre. Described as a party-based RPG game, and boasting some seriously stunning visuals, Pyre is one indie game you definitely shouldn’t miss in 2017.

If you’re wondering what Pyre is and why you should check it out next year, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about Pyre.

What is Pyre?

Pyre is a top-down party-based action RPG game that features a main single-player campaign and a two-player Versus Mode. In Pyre, you’re tasked with leading a group of three exiles to freedom through a series of competitions. The character you play is illiterate, inspiring the exiles to invite you to join their party and aid them in their quest. Dubbing you the “Reader,” you’ll discover that the quest they’re on is a complex one.

In Pyre, the three exiles aim to journey to the land of purgatory and cleanse their souls via the act of defeating other exiles. In the campaign, you can only travel during the day and are forced to stop at night. At night, you are tasked with deciding which actions to take in order to improve the party like scavenging for supplies, mentoring the exiles to boost their skills, or simply learning more about Pyre’s fascinating lore.

Combat consists of the three exiles facing off against three enemy exiles. Here, each team will attempt to launch a glowing orb that starts at the center of the arena into your enemy’s pyre. Over time, the damage you deal to your enemy’s pyre will build until it is destroyed. You are only able to control one character at a time, but are free to switch between the three exiles as you see fit. You can improve each of the exile’s skills by assigning points to a skill tree.

How Can I Play Pyre?

Pyre is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. As of right now, you can pre-order Pyre on Steam. Additionally, you can subscribe to Supergiant on YouTube, where you’ll find all of Pyre’s trailers and even some of the game’s OST. To stay informed on Pyre’s progress and upcoming release date announcement, be sure to check out Supergiant’s dedicated Pyre page and the developer’s Twitter page for updates.

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