2016 IO Indies: Best Visuals - Winner

Find out which nominee won the category for best indie game visuals.


Abzu by Giant Squid Studios is an indie game that boasts some seriously stunning underwater visuals. As you investigate the mysteries of the ocean, you'll encounter a vast array of aquatic life, interesting ruins, and foreboding triangular objects. While the game may be short in duration, and free of dialogue and text, it's not hard to immerse yourself within Abzu. 

As you swim through each level, you'll be greeted by a wide variety of colorful tones and hues. However, perhaps one of the most interesting visual concepts in Abzu can be found in the part of the game where players revive various different sea creatures.

Here, players will transition from bright colors to a dark, nighttime realm. It almost feels as though you're swimming through the stars. After interacting with a floating white orb, the level will spring to life to the beautiful music of composer Austin Wintory.

Abzu is a crowning indie game achievement, and we congratulate the development team for all of their hard work and dedication.

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