How To Reach Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 Ending

Who will cry first as you attempt to reach the ending of the Alpha 3 build of Hello Neighbor?

The new Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 update has made it exceptionally challenging to reach the ending. The house is bigger, meaning more rooms to explore with more hair pulling puzzles. If you’re up for the challenge or simple want to know the process then continue reading. If you’re playing the Alpha 2 version of Hello Neighbor, check out our most recent guide on 'How to Reach The Hello Neighbor alpha 4 Ending'.

Turn On The Generator

When you initially land in front of your home in Hello Neighbor, the first thing you’re going to want to do is turn on the generator. You won’t even need to enter the house to pull this task off. Run around the right side of the house and through the open back window, press E on the big red button on the generator. This will turn it on.

Find The Magnet

Once you’ve turned on the generator, run to the pile of boxes against the back fence, all the way on the right. There’s a crack in the fence and in between it is a magnet. You’ll have to shuffle around the boxes a bit to do this but it’s there.

Get Upstairs

You’ll have to enter your neighbor's home and veer to the right and towards the back of the house. Run up the stairs and you’ll find a black gate. Jump on the night stand on the right of the gate and then jump on the light against the wall immediately in front of you. From that light, jump across and through the opening on the side of the fence.

Grab The Silver Key

Once you’ve managed that, you’ll see a lever on the wall. Pulling this lever will open the black gate. If you head through the door behind the gate, you’ll find a hallway. Open the first door on the right and you’ll find a room with the floor missing, minus a tiny panel against the house. On the wall parallel from you, you’ll see an apple painting. You have to jump across and on the panel, remove the painting from the wall and use the magnet to get the silver key that’s inside. If you quit now, I don’t blame you.

Grab The Keycard

Once you have the key, open the gate and head up the set of stairs. Use the key to unlock the door. Note the hole on the floor. Fall through this and you’ll be in a dark room with a cabinet. In that cabinet is a key card. This is your first piece to unlocking the basement door.

Pull The Lever

Head through the door on the right and it should take you back to the hallway you were in before. Circle around and head back up the stairs. In this room make note of the lever on the wall. When you pull this, you’ll find that the platform in front of you will go up. Immediately across from the platform is a window. Grab a box and break that window. Now, you can pull the lever and run onto the platform to bring you up. You’ll have to jump across and through the window you broke earlier.

Grab The Crowbar

You should find yourself outside of the house. Jump down to the area in front of you with the windows and walk up the plank. Keep going forward until you see a roof with wooden steps on it. Use these steps to get to the top of the roof and you’ll find a square hole with a light shining through it. Slide down the roof and into that hole. Hanging on the wooden post in the middle of the room is the crowbar. Jump up and grab it. This is the second and last piece to unlocking the basement door.

Since you have the pieces to unlock the basement door, all you have to do is use them! If you’re having trouble navigating around your neighbor, make sure to check out our guide to breaking and entering. Now the question remaining is, "Who cried first?" Was it you or your neighbor?! Let us know what you think of the ending to the Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 build below!


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