Diluvion Reels in an Official Release Date

Find out when you can get your hands on this mysterious underwater adventure.

If you’re a fan of games set in the midst of the deep blue sea, you may want to take a closer look at Diluvion. Diluvion is an underwater exploration game by developer Arachnid Games in which you pilot a Steampunk-esque submarine through dark oceanic depths.

If this game sounds right up your alley and you’re wondering when and where you can buy it, wonder no more, for Arachnid Games and publisher Devolver Digital have finally revealed Diluvion’s official release date!

Coming to Window’s PC and Mac on February 10th, Diluvion is also conveniently available for pre-order as of right now. Pre-ordering Diluvion will get you the Captain’s Journal, which chronicles in-game lore, and the pre-order exclusive “Deringer” submarine.

If more information is what you seek, be sure to check out Diluvion's trailer below to see some of the gorgeous artwork on display in the game. Also, you'll be able to hear some of the haunting musical score featured in Diluvion courtesy of composer Michael Ward.

As you can see, Diluvion is a game with no shortage of depth, and not just in the 20,000 leagues you'll dive under the sea. Diluvion's lore really shines through as you play the game, as there's life to be found during your ocean explorations. As the submarine's captain, you'll have the freedom to investigate the world around you, while also being tasked with your vessel's upkeep. Diluvion is the kind of game that keeps you pressing forward, and we're excited to see the waves it makes when it releases on February 10th. 

For more on Diluvion be sure to check out our initial Diluvion preview and our interview with Diluvion's Leo Dasso

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