The Long Dark Interloper Let's Play

Watch Hadrian’s Interloper Let’s Play of The Long Dark.

Ever since Hinterland Studios released the Resolute Outfitter update for The Long Dark back in December, I’d been itching to watch a YouTube Let’s Play. I mean, I play the game about 20 hours per week myself, but I’ve yet to make the jump to Interloper, one of the most unforgiving difficulties in any game today.

To prepare for my imminent slaughter in the northern Canadian wilderness, I decided to give Hadrian a shot. I’ve enjoyed making Hadrian’s Let’s Play of The Long Dark a part of my evening routine so much that I wanted to share his journey with you. Even though Hadrian might not be the best player, that’s not the point of a Let’s Play.

A Let’s Play is about telling a story and bringing the viewer with you on that journey, and when it comes to doing that with The Long Dark, I have yet to find anyone better.

Below, you can get in on Season 3 of Hadrian’s Against All Odds series for The Long Dark. If you’re a fan of the game, you will almost certainly enjoy it.

Episode 1: Resolute Outfitter Overview and Gameplay

Episode 2: Mines and Matches

Episode 3: Home Sweet Home

Episode 4: All the Blizzards

Episode 5: Cat Tail Calories

Episode 6: Or We Could Not

Episode 7: Plan B - Deer Meat

Episode 8: Desolation

Episode 9: Bleak Outlook

Episode 10: Keep Calm

Episode 11: To Mystery Lake

Episode 12: End of the Line?

Episode 13: The Brink

Episode 14: Trapper’s Bounty

Episode 15: Mystery Miracle

Episode 16: Whatever Goes Up

Episode 17: Also Comes Down

There you have it, folks. That’s one of the finest storytelling Let’s Plays out there as far as The Long Dark is concerned. If you’d like to check in on Hadrian to see what else he plays, be sure to visit his YouTube channel and poke around. You can also follow Hadrian on Twitter, as well as a few other places that you can seek out if you’re interested.

As for The Long Dark and Indie Obscura, we’ve got a few things to help you prepare for a run of your own. For starters, there’s How to Kill a Wolf in The Long Dark, as well as How to Kill a Bear in The Long Dark. If you’re not ready to jump in yourself, however, Hadrian’s The Long Dark Interloper Let’s Play should tide you over.

Nicole is a fan of gaming, music, and movies. Feel free to reach her at for questions, concerns, or just good music and movie recommendations!

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