10 Most Plausible Nintendo Switch Presentation Predictions

Let’s talk about some of the Nintendo Switch predictions that sound like they might be true.

With the Nintendo Switch Presentation looming right around the corner, it’s only right that we start talking about our list of predictions. Ever since the Switch’s reveal late last year, speculation has been through the roof, and while some of the rumors we heard sounded a bit outlandish, others seemed like they might be spot on. Check out our predictions for indie games we can see coming to the Nintendo Switch and make sure you know where to pre-order the Switch come tomorrow morning because it looks like this console will be selling out fast. Now, let’s move on to the predictions, shall we?

Nintendo Switch Presentation Predictions

  • Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be a Nintendo Switch launch title.
  • The price point will be $249.99.
  • Those who don’t pre-order it will have a hard time getting one following release.
  • A new 3D Super Mario game will be revealed with some in-game footage. Expect a release date in the Summer.
  • The Nintendo Switch release date will be on March 17th.
  • The console will launch with a bunch of accessories that include controllers, a portable charger, portable gaming stand, fight stick, and Breath of Fire themed accessories.
  • New mobile titles will be shown and can be expected for release on the Switch.
  • It will be announced that gamecube games such as Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Smash Bro’s Melee will be available on the Nintendo Switch virtual console.
  • A slew of 3rd party games will be officially confirmed for release on the Switch.
  • Nintendo skeptics will pretend like they care by being severely underwhelmed by the presentation while Nintendo fans will go hard in the paint and be hype AF. That’s right.

What do you think of these predictions for the Nintendo Switch tonight? Let us know what some of yours are in the comments below. If you're interested in tuning into the presentation, you can watch it here on Indie Obscura tonight at 8PM PT/11PM ET. Let's see what Nintendo has up their sleeve for their exciting new portable console.


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