Best Twitter Reactions To The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Check out some of Twitter's awesome reactions to the Nintendo Switch Presentation.

Twitter is the place to go for the best reactions during a live event, and last night during the Nintendo Switch Presentation was no different. It was there that Nintendo took to the stage and revealed some major information about the upcoming hybrid console including price, release date, games currently in-development, where you can pre-order, and much more.

As expected, the people of Twitter were extremely vocal about their excitement, concerns, an awkward moment with the translator, Reggie Fils-aime, and everything in-between. Below, you’ll find a compilation of some of the best Nintendo Switch Presentation Twitter reactions we could find, all for your viewing pleasure.

First, we were thrilled to see Suda51 as he enthusiastically announced that the Switch would be getting No More Heroes 3. Over on Twitter, fans of the series exploded with excitement as Travis is BACK!

Super Mario Odyssey also went over extremely well with Nintendo fans. In the reveal, we get to catch a glimpse of Mario as travels across various locations in the real world. New gameplay mechanics were presented such as the adorable hat with eyes, which Mario is able to toss around like a boomerang and jump on.

Similar hype followed for just about every game Nintendo revealed in one form or another, and the games shown last night are just a very small piece of what’s in store for the Switch. According to Nintendo, there are currently over 80 titles in the works which is pretty big news!

Of course, what would Twitter be without some hilarious reactions and the creation of dank new Nintendo Switch memes

So, what did you think about the Nintendo Switch Presentation? You can watch the event in it's entirety below and let us know in the comments what your favorite moments and Twitter reactions were from last night. 

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